Windows 7 Laptops

There is a significant percentage of the population who use a laptop for all their computing needs. Laptop has gone on to replace desktops in almost every field where computers are in use. Laptops are smaller than desktops and occupy very little space. This works in the favor of laptops as these days space anywhere comes at a premium.

The laptop is also very portable you can take it along with you wherever you may go. This is made possible as a laptop no longer depends on the wall socket alone for its power supply, laptop stand amazon. It has an inbuilt battery which charges while you are using the laptop with a power adaptor. One the battery has been charged you can take the laptop along with you anywhere you may go and it would run as long as the charge on the battery lasts.

With the advent of wireless internet the use of laptop becomes even more favorable. The laptop features an inbuilt WIFI adaptor which allows you to use the internet without connecting a network cable to your computer. All these and more factors work in favor of the laptop becoming the preferred choice in computer among users.

If you wish to purchase a new laptop you should consider a Windows 7 laptop. A windows 7 laptop is the latest laptop running the windows 7 operating system on it. You can buy laptops with windows vista on it which would be cheaper but the vista operating system has been facing problems since its inception. Windows 7 was built after learning from the mistakes made on vista which is why windows 7 is a much better and faster operating system than windows vista.

Windows 7 happens to be the only windows operating system with full support to touch screen computers.
The desktop has unique themes and themes that you can personalize and deploy. The wallpaper is dynamic and changes after a set time interval. You can choose to have your photo album to play as your desktop and it will change the desktop picture and replace it with a picture from your photo album. You can also choose the window color and sounds on a particular theme.

You can download and install various gadgets which are small independent programs that run on the desktop. You can choose gadgets that show you details of stock market, sports updates, phases of the moon and many other gadgets. Windows 7 also features windows media center which brings all your media under one program.
A windows 7 laptop is also much more secure and stable. A windows 7 laptop is the best laptop you could purchase these days.