4 Reasons Why A Hacker Would Love To Hack Your Blog

Actually a Hacker hacks a blog for nothing but majorly for fun and money. Why do you think they target high Authority blogs instead? Gather app They are actually after somethings which i will be listing in this article.

Most bloggers monetize there blogs for money only, while some focus there blog on fame.

A hacker will hack your blog ones he feels you are gaining some grands through it.

Lately last month 90,000 WordPress Blogs were hacked by some unexpected hackers, i really don’t know if your blog is among those blogs, actually, if your blog is also hacked, i am using this opportunity to sympathize for your blog by writing this article for you.

I will be listing out four reasons why a hacker would love to hack your blog and along with it a solution or help for the protection of your blog.

4 Reasons Why A Hacker Would Love To Hack Your Blog

1.) Gain Your Web-Site’s Traffic

Are you getting thousands of Visitors daily? An Hackers No. 1 purpose of hacking your site is to get all your web-blog traffic redirected to his or her own falling personal blog and earn all the money you are to earn.

It might sound weird to you but it’s actually the fact of all facts.

2.) Get your users email id and sell them out

This process is common among most people both hackers and ordinary Bloggers, they sell your subscribers and users email id to some freaky companies and make some little change from it. Don’t you wonder why you get lot of spam emails? Your email might have been sold out by some hungry hackers and you keep on getting some nasty email.

3.) Get Free Back-Link to Their Own and there clients blog

We all might know what the link-backs does and how much it cost your client to get a back-link from either your blog or your co-bloggers blog. then imagine when someone adds thousands of links to your blog and make the money all alone.

Note: Adding much links into post do affect a blog if you don’t add it normally.

4.) Gain Control Over Your Blog

Thousands of Bloggers, enjoys there daily meal via blogging. Are you the kind of blogger that has no other work doing aside blogging? It won’t be easy for you to take care of your-self if your blog get hit by a hard hacker.

Some Hackers gain access of your blog, control-panel account and some useful detail to have a well satisfied warrant that they are the owner of your blog, if they have the opportunity to get all you blog details, they will be left with no other option than to sell off your blog and earn some money through it.

1.) Backup Your Blog

You can use plugin like WordPress to Dropbox to back-up your WordPress Blog.

2.) Use Security Plugins to secure your Blog

You Can also use Plugin like Better WP Security to secure your WordPress Blog.

3.) Don’t Use Your Business, Company or Website Name For Your User Name.

Using your brand’s name to create your username is the worst thing you will ever do to secure your WordPress Blog.

4.) Use a Complicated Password 

Set an Uncrackable or an Unguessable Password for your Blog, remember not to use your brand name as your password.

5.) Be Mindset 

Blogging doesn’t needs skills/knowledge only, you need determination to succeed in Blogging.